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How important is having a local patent attorney?

This varies from client to client. FLYNN IP LAW has supported clients in California, Georgia, Tennessee, New York, Connecticut and many other places far from the Research Triangle region of North Carolina. Teleconferences, emails, CAD files, and prototypes shipped for review suffice. In fact, in many instances working with clients from the Research Triangle region of North Carolina, there is not even one face-to-face meeting on many projects. For other clients, there is a strong desire to have an attorney from FLYNN IP LAW travel to meet with the design team and watch the design team disassemble and reassemble a prototype.

For clients within several hours drive, FLYNN IP LAW will drive to have periodic meetings when beneficial to the project. As long as these meetings are relatively infrequent relative to the volume of work performed, FLYNN IP LAW will not charge for the travel expenses or the time to travel.